Towards the next generation of ageing-care.

A successful fusion of nature's superlative strength with modern scientific insight and technology could lead to a dramatic progress in the creation of cosmetics. This philosophy is the driving power behind [AURAGE] product development.

  • ※ Refers to skin care appropriate to one's age.

Highlighting your aura of beauty with the power of miracle plants!

These plants that have evolved special and robust capabilities to survive in harsh environments have indomitable life force. If only this could be projected in the beauty of every woman who stands against the passage of time. Ageing-care [AURAGE] has borrowed the power of these miraculous plants to bring out the aura of beauty in you.

  • ※ Refers to skin care appropriate to one's age.

3+1 Approach to the Core of Beauty.

[AURAGE] provides a simple skincare routine in the form of 3 basic care products plus 1 daytime protection. It is a multi-function ageing-care that pursues the effective experience of a relaxing care process by condensing 2 functions in each item.

  • ※ Experience refers to the impression from use.